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Congrès CSCL 2019 Lyon

Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
Quand ? Du 17/06/2019 à 12:00
au 21/07/2019 à 15:30
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The International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning CSCL, held bi-annually since 1995, focuses on learning through collaboration and promoting productive collaborative discourse with the help of the computer and other communications technologies. The theme chosen for the Lyon 2019 meeting is :





Promoting productive collaborative interaction in varied contexts requires studying the interdependencies of the complex ecosystems in which collaborative learning takes place (e.g. school, museums, work, play). In Cognitive Science, research under the banner of 4E cognition* rejects traditional cognitivism in favor of newer paradigms that take into account the role of the body (embodied), the interactions between an organism and its environment (enactive), and the elements and aspects in the environment itself (extended and embedded). At this year’s CSCL, we propose 4E learning as our theme. Submissions that present results on collaborative learning regarding some combination of embodied, enactive, extended, and embedded Learning are welcome. Such a focus translates to studies of various interdependencies in the learning process: social, emotional, cultural, linguistic, cognitive, and technological. Finally, treating 4E learning as inherently collaborative means that as a CSCL community, we need to understand this phenomenon in settings both with and without technology. It is important that as CSCL researchers, we build on work that while not computer-supported has implications for design and research in computer-supported collaborative learning settings. In considering collaborative learning as the interplay of factors in a complex system, we aim to create novel interdisciplinary integrations and thereby extend and reinforce the CSCL Learning Sciences community with new ideas.